Air particulate testing in server rooms and data centers


Air Particle Testing


Particle sampling provides valid proof of room cleanliness at the time of measurement, but it doesn’t allow for any settled PM, or of contaminant later introduced into the area. An on-site risk assessment can reveal contamination sources, allow for nearby installations that could impact contamination levels, and check air filtration procedures. Access policies for people and materials can also be reviewed. This information will contribute to a cleaning strategy cost-effectively matched to facility needs. Sustained protection of on-site equipment from contamination induced failures will be secured.


Met One GT321

We use the Met One GT321 handheld particle monitor which features five size ranges that can be selected from the front panel. Monitor detects 0.3 ìm or greater sized particles at concentrations from 0 to 3,000,000 particles per cubic foot. The built-in rate counter provides a series of six-second count periods, each period is extrapolated to provide a concentration per sample volume. Results are shown on the 16-character LCD.




Techeyon Data Center Working Practises


A specialist cleaning contractor should work to ISO 14644, the globally accepted standard for contamination management in clean rooms, including data centres. This Standard defines Cleanliness Classes from Class 9 to Class 1, specifying maximum allowable concentrations of particles from 0.1 to 5 μm. The lower the Class number, the more stringent are the concentration limits. Specialists recommend Class 9 to Class 6 cleanliness for data centres. After cleaning, a particle counting meter can measure and prove the level of cleanliness achieved. This not only assures the data room operator of his security from contamination, but also provides hard proof that the room is clean to a universally accepted standard.

Techeyon Computer Services are a specialist data centre cleaning contractor.

We will always use permanent staff rather than subcontractors.

  • Security clearance, training and expertise can be assured.Our Operatives can work safely around live ICT equipment
  • We use the right tools and cleaning products for the job; ensuring that antistatic surface properties are not compromised, for example.We always use highly filtered (HEPA), specialist vacuum cleaners, as ordinary cleaners blow out dust.
  • All Services are planned and supervised by a fully licensed Comptia A+ Computer Technician.


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