Floor voids

Contamination by dust, dirt, and debris will migrate throughout the sub-floor and ceiling voids via the air conditioning. Raised floor voids should be cleaned regularly to stop dust migrating to servers and control equipment. 





It is of paramount importance that dust not be allowed to enter control equipment where it will cover fans, boards, and components, thereby causing system failure. Keeping cabinets dust-free is an important step to ensure optimum working conditions for server & switches.



Treatment with Desco StatguardĀ® Static Dissipative  Floor Finish will limit the generation of static charge while also dissipating any pre-existing static. It also provides a high gloss finish that resists wear and lasts 12 months or longer.



Other areas

Our complete wall-to-ceiling service will ensure that dust is kept to a minimum throughout the room. Every client will be issued a full specification. This will provide a detailed description of all items to be cleaned, working methods, a list of MSD sheets of all solutions used on site; and details of security and health and safety procedures.





We use specialist products and procedures and have created tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions.

Over 20 years experience makes us one of Canadas leaders in these highly specialized fields.

We continually deliver the highest standard of work and we regularly audit our processes, to ensure total transparency in our works

CompTia  A+

All of our services are supervised by a Comptia A+ technician 


QUALITY control

All data centre works are fully documented including a pre and post visit air particulate count and a report on all aspects of the job. All of our work is quaranteed to bring your rooms up to ISO 14644-1(class 6) standards

All of our disinfectant solutions are listed on Canada.ca government site:

Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) list. DIN#02375117, DIN#02470802

All of our Anti static products are made by Desco Industries or ACL. Both leading companies in anti-static and data centre related products