About Techeyon computer services

In business since 2003, Techeyon is a company that specializes in offering services to IT Managers, Systems Managers, Facilities Managers, Office Managers, Small busness owners and managers who are responsible for Desktop and Office equipment, Data storage, Comms and IT systems.



Specialist knowledge and quality service. Guaranteed!

We use specialist products and procedures and have created tried and tested, fully documented cleaning solutions.

We specialise in the cleaning of Data Rooms, Server Rooms, Communications Rooms and all types of IT equipment, including PC’s, laptops, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, scanners, telephones and other IT peripherals, as well as EPOS for retailers and ATM’s for banks.

We continually deliver the highest standard of work and we regularly audit our processes. 


These services are fall into the two catagories below;

1. IT desktop equipment hygiene and preventative maintenance services.
2. Data Center and comms room, environmental dust control and anti-static services.

Mission statement

Our Mission : To provide superior quality services to our clients that exceed their expectations in all aspects of service delivery. To provide clear,transparent and informative information in all aspects of pre service, on site and post service areas of our service delivery. Our responsibility to our clients and our workers is to provide the best customer service possible in a professional manner that creates value and makes a difference.



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