Data Center contamination control

Our comprehensive cleaning solutions and working methods are quaranteed to reduce the level of particulate contamination in your data doom to levels within ISO 14644 Class 6 parameters. We offer on-going preventative maintenance cleaning programmes specifically tailored to individual requirements

phone and Keyboard sanitizing services

Your IT equipment is one of your company’s most important assets, along with your staff who use it on a daily basis. It therefore makes good sense to keep it clean, free from dirt and bacteria and in good working condition. Phones and Keyboards can be a risk to your heatlh if left uncleaned.


Dust can lead to an increase in IT component failures, slow down CPUs that are overheating (throttling) and shorten the lifespan of your IT equipment. Static buildup caused by dust can also seriously affect your components.

All of our services are supervised by certified Comptia A+ technicians.

Office equipment preventative maintenance

Regular in depth cleaning of printers, photocopiers, scanners and other office equipment helps reduce problems associated with wear and tear on your vital equipment. Benefits include longer lasting and trouble free performance

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