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With  constant movement of staff, equipment and supplies throughout a computer operations area, it is inevitable that the room becomes contaminated, due to the natural introduction of dust, dirt and debris.

If uncontrolled, this contamination can become a problem to the trouble-free operation of the system by causing errors, malfunctions and eventually costly down time. These contaminants over time, find their way into most parts of the media subsystem and media. Contamination may not show an immediate effect upon the performance of data but will penetrate and accumulate silently until it does.

Sun Microsystems, in their best practices guide, recommends that Computer Rooms are cleaning on a six monthly cycle.

These contaminants must be removed by a company that is experienced in this specialist field, as incorrect dust control can disturb these contaminants, releasing them into the voids (causing the very problems that you are attempting to cure). HEPA filters must be used to remove contaminants as small as .3 micron (66 times smaller than a typical zinc whisker).

All of our computer room services are tailor made to individual companies requirements.


Floor Voids
Contamination by dust dirt and debris will migrate throughout the sub floor and ceiling voids via the air conditioningRaised floor voids should be cleaned regularly to stop dust migrating to the servers and control equipment. Desco and ACL anti static fluids are used to ensure optimum service is delivered.It is via forced air from the A/C that the majority of dust is circulated around the room, eventually migrating to the servers and other equipment.


Cabinets and Switch Racks
It is of paramount importance that dust is not allowed to enter the control equipment, where it can cause system failures due to fans, boards and components being covered in a blanket of dust.Keeping cabinets  dust free is an important step to help ensure optimum working conditions for server, switch and other Kit enclosed.

Floor Surface Treatments
The floor surface is a magnet for dust and debris. Keeping the visible surfaces clean is another crucial area that should be kept in pristine condition.

An additional treatment with Desco Statguard® Static Dissipative Cross-Linked Floor Finish will dissipate static charges as well as limit static charge generation charges. It also provides a high gloss finish that resists wear and lasts 12 months or longer.Statguard® technology eliminates the need for static control tile or floor mats. It is ideal for clean room and electronic manufacturing,assembly, and test areas. It also ensures the floor is a safe walking surface (slip resistance) under UL Classification.


Other areas
A  complete wall to ceiling service will ensure that dust is kept to a minimum in the room. Every client will be issued a full specification, This gives a detailed description of all items to be cleaned, working methods to ensure maximum safety, list of MSD sheets of all solutions used on site and details of security and health and safety proceedures.

Environmental Dust Control Mats
The Mats are placed inside the entrance doors. Each mat has 30 peelable layers of adhesive-coated film that effectively removes unwanted dirt and particulate from shoes and equipment wheels. No residue on shoe or wheels. As foot traffic or wheels pass over the surface of the mat, the non-transferring adhesive locks onto dirt and captures it. When the exposed layer is completely used, simply peel it off to expose a new clean layer. The mats reduce the amount of cross contamination from foot traffic and equipment being wheeled into the cleanroom. They can remove over 99% of surface contamination from regular day to day traffic in the room

A regular service may save thousands of dollars in the long run.Be proactive not reactive.


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