CPU Case Dust Control

Dust can lead to an increase in IT component failures, slow down CPUs that are overheating (throttling) and shorten the lifespan of your IT equipment. Static buildup caused by dust can also seriously affect your components.All of our services are supervised by certified Comptia A+ technicians.

Keyboard & Phone

It is widely known that office equipment and desks can contain higher levels of bacteria than the average toilet seat. Our highly effective sanitizing services can help to reduce sickness in the workplace.


For information on our Keyboard hygiene testing service CLICK HERE

Data Center Services
  • Floor Void/Sub-floor dust control
  • Ceiling Void dust control
  • Server Cabinets/Comms Racks
  • Static Dissipative Floor Treatment
  • Cable Trays/Raceways
  • UPS Units, AC Units and Ducting
  • Walls, Baseboards,Doors & Windows
  • Air Particulate Counting to 0.3um
  • Professional on site IT services

    what's new?

      Dec. 2016
      Computer Room post clean report on every visit. includes pre and post airbourne particle counts, pre and post report, visual inspection reporting any deficiencies and recommendations.


      Feb 2017

      Data Center dust contamination mats available.

    professional solutions

    • Data Center cleaning to ISO Class 6 Standard
    • Full "Itemised Visual Report" on every visit
    • Desco/ACL anti static solutions
    • Supervised by Comptia A+ Technician
    • Individual Customized Specifications for each client & each site

    Contact Us

    TEL 905 901 2120


    Why clean PCs and phones?

    • Neglected keyboards & phones have been associated with cross contamination of viral and bacterial illness, especially during flu season.
    • Helps create a quality environment for visitors and workers.
    • Lengthens life of office equipment.
    • Lessens IT downtime due to dust related issues.

    Keyboard & Phone Hygiene Testing Service

    We are able to rapidly test surfaces of keyboards, phones and desks to give an accurate indication of hygiene levels.