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Flu season in Canada can be a nightmare for businesses and workers. The spread of the flu bug and other pathogens, such as E.Coli and C.Difficile, continues to receive regular press coverage and could provide a health and safety risk to you and your employees.


In a survey carried out on the cleanliness of pc’s and keyboards it was found that the levels of germs such as viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi found on a typical computer keyboard can be up to 14 times higher than toilet seats.


With this in mind, we recognised the need to develop an additional sanitising solution, called Keyclean, which can be safely applied by our operatives to your PCs, keyboards, mice and telephones following a deep clean.


Office Equipment


PCs (keyboard,monitor,mouse and CPU Case)



Printers, Scanners, Plotters and other output devices

Retail POS Equipment

Banking Equipment, including ATMs,money counter and receipt Printers

A regular service may save thousands of dollars in the long run.Be proactive not reactive.

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