ATP swabbing

ATP testing can tell the difference between “visually clean” and “microbiologically clean”

ATP Testing

Nowerdays a sanitary environment is an essential starting point in the battle to keep your most precious assets , workers and visitors, in the safest environment possible.

ATP  from a contact surface reacts with Luciferase compounds present in the swab sample to create bioluminescence light. The amount of this light is measured by the Luminometer and is expressed in RLUs (Relative Light Units). High values are indicative of high levels of surface organic matter resulting from poor sanitation practices.

High RLU indicates improper cleaning and the presence of contamination in the form of high microbes or high food residue. It also indicates the need for immediate corrective actions.ATP swab results are obtained within seconds. If the reading indicates that a surface is not clean, re-cleaning procedures can be initiated immediately to correct the unsanitary condition.

Nowerdays a sanitary environment is an  essential starting point in ensuring that the workplace is in the optimal condition to stop the spread of viral and bacterial disease. Click below for more info in the services that Techeyon Service employs on your behalf to halt micro-bacterial organisms in their tracks. All surfaces are subject to viral and bacterial contamination and therefore a holistic approach to cleaning and sanitizing should now be taken. 


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