Electrostatic Service

All Techeyon visits start and finish with an ATP swab.

The results are documented on every visit ensuring quality.

We only use electrostatic sprayers which up to 6x more efficient than regular foggers.

All works supervised by Comptia A+ technician.

All works fully documented.


Concerned that normal cleaning methods are not cutting it?

Electrostatic Sanitizing Services
As a Facilities or Office Manager, you’ve probably had to make some hard decisions lately about how to protect your facility during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As we return to the workplace it is the responsibility of upper management to ensure that the workplace is as germ free as possible. After all looking after your most valuable assets is a no brainer. 


Frequency of Service

We will tailor the service intervals depending on the type of environment. A clinic or Laboratory will require a more frequent service schedule than a warehouse, which in turn may require more visits than an office, retail or banking environment. After carefully consulting the client a schedule will be set up that best suits your workplace environment.

Why use us?

If you are going to disinfect your workplace using the best technology makes sense

Bystanders can enter the room immediately after product has been applied.

6x more efficient covering than misting or fogging