Desktop Sanitizing 



Concerned that normal cleaning methods are not cutting it?

Desktop Sanitizing
It has been proven that  desktops, keyboards, phones and mice are amongst the dirtiest parts of any office that do not have them professionally cleaned.

As we return to the workplace it is the responsibility of upper management to ensure that the workplace is as germ free as possible. IT equipment along with the desks they are situated on need looking after.


Frequency of Service

We will tailor the service intervals depending on the type of environment. A clinic or Laboratory will require a more frequent service schedule than a warehouse, which in turn may require more visits than an office, retail or banking environment. After carefully consulting the client a schedule will be set up that best suits your workplace environment.


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Mission Statement

To provide superior quality services to our clients that exceed their expectations. To provide, transparent  information in all aspects of pre and post service areas of our service delivery. Our responsibility is to provide the best customer service possible in a professional manner that creates value and makes a difference.

Desktop Sanitizing

Desktops and equipment on them are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and viral matter. Office sanitization is an important part of keeping your workers safe and healthy. Be pro-active not re-active


Interesting Fact

In a survey carried out on PC’s and keyboards it was found that the levels of germs such as viruses, bacteria and fungi found on a typical computer keyboard can be up to 14 times higher than toilet seats.


CPU Case Dust Control

Dust can lead to an increase in IT component failures, slowing down CPUs that are overheating (throttling), shortening the lifespan of your IT equipment.


CompTia A+

All services are overseen by qualified CompTia A+ tecnician


Data Centre Contamination Control

Our comprehensive cleaning solutions and working methods are quaranteed to reduce the level of particulate contamination in your data doom to levels within ISO 14644 Class 6 parameters.


Tailor made solutions

 We offer on-going preventative maintenance cleaning programmes specifically tailored to individual requirements, including anti-static flooring.